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Fiesta St As A Company/motorway Car??

25 June 2014 - 11:15 PM

Hi guys

One of my first posts so be nice!

I currently drive a 2013 fiesta zs 1.6 diesel, and it is a great car. But next year it gets chopped in for a new one!
Basically for work I have to drive from Essex to Wetherby each monday and then home on a Thursday, it is 215 miles each way so 430 miles roughly a week.
Realistically, including running costs, does anyone see a problem with going for the ST this time? Obviously I know there is going to be a big difference fuel wise, but I don't actually pay for my fuel, work does, and I am happy to pay the difference there if they kick up a fuss.
But things like service plan? I currently pay around £60 a month for a big old service plan I have in place with fords, my guess is it will go up?
With my current ZS I have just gone through a whole set of tyres and discs and pads this week's. That's from having it from the 1st of March 2013 and it's on 39000 miles, so it's not done bad!
Can anyone shed some light for me?
Am I mad for wanting to do this many miles in a hot hatch? I do live in a car basically! Lots of miles in a year!
Any feedback appreciated