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26 March 2009 - 12:35 PM

My sympathies. Having owned a C-Max CVT Auto and had the poor running problems you've had I've trawled all the motiring Forums and found a dozen or more examples of people with the same problems - none of which had found a solution. I sold my car after 15 failed attempts at a repair.

I also found lots of examples of gearbox failure - most of which are at far lower mileages than yours. All had had the same response from Ford -£4,500 plus for a new gearbox, no contribution.

Some people have had their gearbox repaired by an auto gearbox specialist for about £2k, but repeat problems seem common.

In my view Ford have taken the attitude that they won't give any support for this model - probably because there are so few cars out there.

My advice - do what I did. Get rid and never buy a Ford again- even if it costs you thousands . :angry:

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30 January 2009 - 04:05 PM

Car has been traded for a Skoda Roomster petrol auto. Runs like a dream. My biggest regret is dumping my problems on whoever buys my old car.

Sorry Ford, but my experience over the last 18 months means I ain't buying your products again for a long time. You've got problems with C-Max CVT autos - why don't you admit it ?

In Topic: Adjusting the back seats

19 January 2009 - 05:09 PM

Ford Lover,

Once you've cleared the middle seat out of the way, just pull the lever on the front corner of the side seat up and at the same time push the seat base diagonally back towards the middle of the car until it clicks.

Getting the seats out is more tricky. tip the seat forward using the lever on the side of the seat. Then lift the bar at the back of the seat to tumble the seat. Then look at the hinge point for a red catch. Push the catch fully forward and then try to lift the seat out. In my car the catch was very stiff the first time I used it. Also beware, the seats are chuffin 'eavy.

Hope your car is more reliable than mine. I certainly aint a Ford lover after a year with my '04 C-Max - and that's having only Fords for 17 years previously.


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16 January 2009 - 01:46 PM

Ref my post of 5th January saying my car was in the dealership - for the FIFTEENTH time looking at the hesitation and going into limp mode problem.

Dealer finally said it was ready yesterday. Was charged £46.00 parts only for a new MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure). Dealer said Ford Technical had been consulted, fault found and rectified. I drove 10 yards in the car and could tell there was "absoulutely" no difference.

Dealer then says - after me making a scene in service reception - they would refit the old parts and give me a refund for what they've done. No mention of a fix. This is on a car that broke down on three out of four long trips over Christmas.

Spoke to Ford Customer service who've promised to get Ford Technical involved again.

I'm out of patience. Car is going to be traded in, which is going to cost me £thousands, but I'm now resigned to it.

In my view this hesitation problem with the early CVT auto's is an issue that Ford are knowingly doing nothing to resolve - because there are too few owners affected. They don't give a stuff for those affected.

In Topic: cmax auto gearbox swap

10 January 2009 - 11:00 AM


I really feel for you having your gearbox go. Unfortunately, you're not alone - I've had a CVT auto with hesitation problems and trawled various forums trying to find a fix. I've seen several other reports of gearbox failure. In each case Ford's solution was the same as they told you.

As regards swapping the gearbox from one in a 2litre petrol, the answer is almost certainly no. Modern cars have so much electronics that it just won't work.

Your car has one computer on the engine, the ECU and another one that controls the gearbox, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The PCM gets all sorts of information from sensors in both the engine and gearbox and from the readings on the sensors tells the engine and gearbox what to do. The PCM is unique to the engine / gearbox combination, so if you change to a different gearbox, a lot of the sensors will be different, as will be the instructions back to the gearbox. Unless you can get someone to design and build a dedicated PCM, you're stuffed.

You're stuck getting the CVT fixed or scrapping the car.

I did read of someone getting their failed gearbox fixed by an independent CVT gearbox specialist, but couldn't find the link just now.

Links I found on the Honest John website to gearbox specialists are as follows:

J T Automatics
Unit 9, Northend Trading Estate, Erith, Bexley, DA8 3PP
t: 01322 330052, e: info@automatic-gearbox.co.uk
Services: Gearbox
King Automatics
The Chalk Pit, College Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4JA
t: 01372 728769
Automatic transmissions of all types, including CVTs
Services: Gearbox

Commiserations, good luck and please let us know the outcome.