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1.6 Tdci P0380 - Glow Plug/heater Circuit A

14 April 2014 - 05:31 PM

Hey Guys and Gals,


Stopped the car other day then restarted the engine a few minutes later, and got the "Engine Malfunction" message, no other lights, apart from the red "i" light, and the car was in limp mode; limiting to 3,000 RPM and taking an age to get there.


This intermittently reappears, sometimes more often than others. The only sure way to get rid of it is to start moving, then restart the engine. This has not failed me yet, and the car drives perfect once it's running without the message. Message hasn't yet come on while driving.


Plugged a code reader in today, and got:


P0380 - Glow Plug/Heater Circuit A


Cleared it, and it came back straight away.


The car starts absolutely fine, and has done all winter (so it's not like something's been on the way out), although saying that it's parked indoors overnight so never gets that cold, and I realise it's warm now!


What's the best place to start looking at with this? I realise the plugs are a nightmare to get to on these engines (stupid French thing!), so was wondering if there's any mileage in checking fuses/relays? I did find a 10A fuse listed as "Glow plug control module" or similar, and the car behaves the same with that in or out. It also hasn't blown, as I tested it in the horn fuse location!


I've been googling all day but haven't come up with anything concrete in terms of what to do next. My local Ford's (OMC in Rochdale) seem disinterested as soon as I mention I've read the codes myself, so may be looking for another good garage in the Manchester/Rochdale area that don't want £100 off me just to tell me the same thing as I already know.


Car has done just over 45,000 miles, and it's a 2008 mk 2.5. Any suggestions would be welcome!



Noise In Aux Belt Area

28 September 2013 - 12:30 PM

Hi all,


Been meaning to post this for a while but never got round to it, as other than being annoying, it doesn't actually seem to be causing a problem. When I first start the car after it not being used for a while, I get a noise, which I've captured pretty well in the video below:



As soon as the engine's been running a while (less than 10 mins usually), it's gone. Doesn't seem to change with load (put the AC on the other day when it was pretty bad, and didn't change). It does however change with speed, so when I pull away, it gets noticeably quicker with the engine.


I took the video, as after all the leaky injector seal stories, I got paranoid. As you can see, all my injectors seem fine, and the noise is definitely coming from the aux belt area.


Any suggestions? Anyone else got/had similar? The car's done this since I first got it (17,500 miles), doesn't seem to have got any better or worse.


Thanks for looking :)