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In Topic: Ken Block's Ford Fiesta

10 July 2012 - 01:38 PM

Epic video, preferred No.3 though. Loving the sideways jumps/landings :D

How do I build myself one of those I so want a mk7 thats got that much power 4wd would be nice to

Spend unfeasible amounts on this......

■Ford Fiesta WRC chassis, built by M-Sport
■Ford "Ecoboost" 2.0L engine, 600bhp/665 ft-lbs max, built by PIPO Moteurs
■Garrett TR30R turbocharger with 45mm restrictor
■Brembo Monobloc WRC brakes
■Sadev 6 speed sequential transmission, transfer case, and rear end
■Reiger WRC suspension
■Cosworth Electronics Pectel MQ12 ECU
■Cosworth Electronics Pectel Hyllus power control module
■Cosworth Electronics Pectel DB1-RSHE card logger
■Cosworth Electronics Pectel MK4 RS Driver's dash
■Cosworth Electronics MFD I/O display
■Speedline forged wheels w/ Pirelli tires
■Recaro Ultima WRC carbon fiber seat

Apparently the car has been built so they can set it up for gymkhana, rallycross and stage rallies really quickly and easily. Just a case of changing suspension/wheels/tyres/brakes/re-mapping and it's good to go! :blink:

In Topic: How Do You Know When Your Ac No Longer Works?

29 May 2012 - 10:14 AM

Whilst Kwik Fit are usually quite cheap for a regas I'm not sure how much then do in checking for leaks. ie. other companies use a dye in the gas that shows up under a special (UV?) light that will show if there is a leak. Otherwise you'll get the same problem a few days/weeks/months down the line when all the gas goes again. Maybe they will check, maybe they don't - would be best to ask.

Last time I took my old car for a re-gas at Kwik Fit, they found out that my compressor was broken so they didn't charge me for the time and said when it got repaired I could take it in for a free re-gas. I did have quite a good relationship with one of the techs though.

In Topic: Getting A S1600

28 May 2012 - 01:23 PM

I usually do it once every 3 months, it lasts ages. As long as you regularly give the wheels a power wash/quick run over with a wet mitt ro remove light amounts of brake dust etc, it should last a long time.

In Topic: How Do You Know When Your Ac No Longer Works?

28 May 2012 - 01:19 PM

Aye pretty much, take it to get re-gassed. Look around though, I'm sure I've seen it priced around about £35 for an air con service and gas before.....?

In Topic: Getting A S1600

28 May 2012 - 11:10 AM

If your'e keeping the white wheels I'd definitely recommend FK1000p sealant (or the cheaper alternative SP1000P) to keep them clean. I took all the wheels off and washed them to within an inch of their lives, polished, 1x coat of Turtle Wax Nano Tech wheel wax and 2x coats of the above sealant. All the wheel muck can be hosed off now, sometimes rubbed with a m/f but stil lcomes off sooo easily.