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In Topic: Focus Front Fog Light Wiring

16 June 2011 - 06:56 AM

Can anybody point me at where I can pick up the end of the green/yellow front fog light cable that leaves the light switch
on terminal 3. I really don't want to pick at all the looms in the engine bay to find it, especially if it does not
run into the bay.

Please help.

In Topic: Focus Front Fog Light Wiring

10 June 2011 - 04:13 PM

Thanks for the quick reply .No I haven't removed that grill. The other day I had some new tyres fitted to the front of the car and while it was up on the ramp I could stand underneath it and clearly see everything that is behind that grille and unfortunately the wires are not tucked away anywhere there. I could clearly examine the whole lower front of the car and I can see a loom that runs around the front just above the upper grill that has branches coming off to feed the front light clusters, indicators and horn but there is nothing else there. I've even pulled the wires out of the plastic sleeving to check the colour coding and the only green/white wirres are the ones feeding the main beam.

I will add that this car did not originally have the front fog lights and the front bumper, trim, grills and bonnet were all replaced about a year ago by my brother and while all the front of the car was "exposed" he looked for wires to connect to the fogs and couldn't find anything. Hence my thinking of making my own wiring for the fogs. I just need to know where I can pick up that wire from the switch to run it from.

If you have a Focus, I'd appreciate knowing where the fog light wires actually join into the loom so I can check what cables are in the loom at that point. If you know where that green/yelow wire from the light switch runs to, that'd be very helpful too.