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Focus Front Fog Light Wiring

10 June 2011 - 01:04 PM

I have a ford Focus MK1 1999 CL in which I have replaced the light switch with one that supports front fog lights.
I have examined the engine bay very closely from above and below and the wiring and connectors for the fog lights
are not there.

Looking at the connector on the switch itself, there are green/yellow wires connected to both terminals 2 and 3
so I assume the wire on terminal 3 is for the front fogs lights.
The schematic diagram for the lighting in the Haynes book shows this Green/yellow wire splitting into 2 wires that are
green/white which then run to each fog light.

I am looking to find that green/yellow wire from the switch and make my own cable to join onto it.
The earth can easily be wired and all I'd then need to get, is the plugs to connect to the fog lights.

I have several questions.
1. Does the green/yellow wire from the switch run into the engine bay so that I can join to it there
without having to run a wire from inside the car?
2. If so, can someone point me at the part of the loom where I can find this wire.
3. Where is it that the single green/yellow cable splits into the two green/white ones?
This would obviously be the best place to splice in my own wiring.
Especially if this point is accessible within the engine bay!
4. If I do have to run a wire from the inside of the car to the engine bay, what is the easiest
place to do it, preferably without drilling any holes?

Thanks for any help you can give me