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Fiesta Diesel On Track Day?

17 February 2014 - 01:22 PM

I am a massive racing fan. And I have been on the odd track day In a petrol car, but I have a 2010 1.4 fiesta diesel at the moment. And I was wondering what others think of a car like this on a track day?

I know it won't be fast, and will get out of people's way in faster cars, and I am aware that whilst it might not be as much fun as a petrol car, just looking for people's thoughts on this.

As I said I'm a huge racing fan and like stuff like this, but I can't really afford a petrol car with the tax etc, but I'm just after a bit of fun.

Anyone on here taken a diesel on a track, or know anyone that does?

How Much To Repair Air Con On A Mk7 Fiesta?

10 July 2013 - 11:57 PM

Ok, so its pretty warm right now, and my air con isnt working.


For a start my fan only works on number 4, which i understand to be the resistor pack.


but my main concern is my air con wasnt blowing cool air. 


i ran the air con, and i could hear it running, its been quite some time since i used it, considering last summer was cold and wet. could that inlfuence it?


i did check the charge maybe 12 months ago, but havent used the air con since. but it didnt need charging then.


any ideas what it could be? and how much it will cost to repair? 


this is beyond my capabilities so will pretty certainly need to take it to a garage of some kind. 

2010 Fiesta Fan Not Working Properly.

17 March 2013 - 06:40 PM

My fan only works on full blast. (number 4).


1,2 and 3 has nothing coming from them. it seems my car is slowly falling apart. 


any ideas? 


if only i had money for a haynes manual 

Using My Car As A Track Day Car?

07 March 2013 - 10:18 PM

i know this will sound kinda pathetic. but i want to get into track days.


the problem is i have a 2010 fiesta 1.4...........diesel. not exactly exciting.


but its all i have at the moment, and i have a track within 5 miles of my home. 


so rather than buy a purpose car, i wanted to try it out 1st as its not exactly cheap.


so has anyone here used a diesel or known anyone using a diesel as a track day car?


i know it wont be fast but it would just be nice to drive fast (ish) without any cameras watching.


and obviously i would hasty move over if someone in a fiesta ST for example came flying through.