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Engine Malfunction Help.

11 December 2014 - 10:34 PM

I have the "Engine malfunction" message displayed on my 2009 Focus 1.6 diesel econetic. 


Ive run through the "self diagnostic" by holding down the set/reset knob, and at the DTC codes, it says,   


"DTC #Codes



I also have a little diagnostic scanner of my own, and it shows nothing. 


I did however, unplug my scanner when i wasn't supposed to, (the ignition was still on), and I've been told that this could've caused the "engine malfunction" message.


But the "engine malfunction" message came up a week or 2 after i used the scanner, is that possible?


Ive also been told that, by unplugging the battery, it may reset the "engine malfunction" message. Is that advisable? as i will try everything to avoid another trip to the mechanics, and £25 a time on the scanner, its money i don't really have at the moment. 


Confused as to why it won't show up on my scanner though, any help is much appreciated.



Dpf Help

10 December 2014 - 02:11 PM

I have a 09 focus econetic 1.6. i have a problematic DPF.


i haven't had the car from new, it has 88K on the clock, so the DPF is passed its lifespan.


i am unsure whether to get it repaired though as I've been told its £1,000 +.


i knew nothing of DPF's before i bought it, i just wanted a car that ran cheaply. and I'm now aware that these cars with DPF's aren't any god for town driving, i usually only drive roughly 4 miles a time, day to day. so i can understand then why it wouldn't be regenerating.


but what I'm confused about, is i previously had a 2010 fiesta diesel and that also had a DPF as they have been required since i believe 2008/9. I've just taken the car on a 40 miles stint on the motorway, but the engine malfunction light is still on, and i still hear it as i turn the engine off.


my concern is, i don't mind paying for it to be repaired/replaced, as long as it runs ok in the future, I'm so confused, cos i had the fiesta for 3 years, and never had a problem, but it had only done 55K, and not one single dpf problem, even though my driving is exactly the same.


I've paid a mechanic to clean the dpf when yellow warning light came on.
tried adding additive to fuel to help clear the dpf.
yellow warning light is not currently on, i just have a engine malfunction sign displayed only when i turn the engine ON, not when the ignition is on. (I'm assuming its the DPF) no other noticeable problems. and i can't really afford to keep taking it to be diagnosed. £25 a time
i also have a maxiscan ms309 code reader, but its not picking up the engine malfunction display, will they only pick a code up if a yellow warning light comes on? I'm not sure if its working properly though, as i unplugged it with the ignition on, and its a little slow turning on.

Info On Dpf (Diesel Particulate Filter)

07 September 2014 - 06:46 AM

Please bear with me on this one. 


Until this week I haven't heard of a DPF.


My last car was a 2010 1.4tdci Fiesta Edge, fitted with a DPF.


My journeys mainly consist of trundling around town with the odd motorway run. And I had the Fiesta for 2 years and 8 months, and the only problem I ever had with that car was the rubber seals around the fuel injectors. There was not any other single fault.


2 months ago, I bought a 2009 1.6tdci Focus econetic. Reasons being i can't afford to run a petrol car with the cost of fuel and tax.


And early this week, whilst doing around 60mph the engine lost a lot of power, and on the dash all that was displayed was "Engine Malfunction". I had no prior warning about this.


So took it to my local mechanic, and he explained the issue, and cleaned it and now all is well. 


So I've done some reading about DPF's, and 9/10 people are saying to stay away unless you're on the motorway often, which makes sense considering how a DPF burns off the soot. 


But I'm a little confused/worried. 


My previous fiesta had 50,000 on the clock when I bought it, and I changed it at 60,000, and I never had a problem with the DPF.


And this focus has 86,000 on the clock. 


So, what I would like to know, is,


1) Did I get lucky with the fiesta?

2) How long can a DPF go without cleaning just driving around town?

3) Will me taking it onto the motorway for 20 mins clear the filter?

4) If so, how often would I need to do a motorway run?


Also, I have read that to begin burning off the soot in the DPF, the engine revs need to be around 2,500rpm. Which is a slight issue, as the other night on the motorway for about 3 miles, at 70mph in 5th, the engine revs only hit 2,000rpm. 


So, only hitting 2,000rpm even on a motorway, does that indicate that I have an "active regeneration", as opposed to a "passive regeneration'?


I'm aware fundamentally, I've made an error in buying this car, I only buy diesel to keep the cost down, with tax and fuel. I'm just wondering, will everything be ok, if I take it for a high speed run say every 2 weeks? 


After discussing this with my father, he is under the impression that, I didn't have a problem with the fiesta, so it's likely that you will generally be problem free with the focus. 


After paying £200 for the DPF clean, I'd like to help the engine/filter as much as I can, I also have to consider, that I have no idea how the car was treated by the previous owner.


Any help/advice is appreciated.

Fiesta Diesel On Track Day?

17 February 2014 - 01:22 PM

I am a massive racing fan. And I have been on the odd track day In a petrol car, but I have a 2010 1.4 fiesta diesel at the moment. And I was wondering what others think of a car like this on a track day?

I know it won't be fast, and will get out of people's way in faster cars, and I am aware that whilst it might not be as much fun as a petrol car, just looking for people's thoughts on this.

As I said I'm a huge racing fan and like stuff like this, but I can't really afford a petrol car with the tax etc, but I'm just after a bit of fun.

Anyone on here taken a diesel on a track, or know anyone that does?