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In Topic: Air Conditioning Mk 7 Fiesta

01 August 2011 - 07:07 AM

Hmmm? Differing of opinions here. Dont get me wrong it works OK, but never chilly as with others Ive had. See what they say service time I think

In Topic: Air Conditioning Mk 7 Fiesta

31 July 2011 - 05:29 PM

Mines recently started warming up at 14k Miles, I think mine just needs a recharge. When I bought her at 6k miles she was still ice cold. Really depends how much the previous owner has used it though.

Maybe it was used all the time. Will not know.
Will ask them to have a look when they do the service. Presumably they can tell if its a recharge issue?
It is certinly not ice cold as you have mentioned.

In Topic: In Car Temp Guage

04 July 2011 - 08:30 PM

29 degrees in Derbyshire, blimey

In Topic: In Car Temp Guage

03 July 2011 - 06:18 PM

Ford have cunningly overcome this problem in the mk 7 by not putting temp gauge on the dash!

In Topic: My New Fiesta!

26 June 2011 - 07:37 PM

That's normal for a Turbo Diesel I'm afraid. Try to get the revs to 2500 (or even higher ;) ) before changing gear & make your gear changes as quick as possible to keep the revs high & reduce the turbo lag. This will of course use more fuel.

As merlin also mentioned there can be quite a lag in 2nd before the turbo kicks in. This usually happens when slowing down to a speed not quite slow enough for first gear but with low revs. I find a little clutch control can build the revs back up.

It's really just a matter of getting used to driving it as it can be quite different to driving a petrol powered car.

Mine does that too. However, you are reassured with the nice whizzing noise of the turbo if you turn the stereo down. Bit of clutch control works a treat. just need to get used to it