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When to retire her... How much Life is left in it?

29 October 2008 - 03:16 PM

I've had my ghia around 15months, she had done 106,000 miles when i bought her and had had some welding done... now 15months on i've done almost another 30,000 miles on her, a days welding, two or three services and replaced the air bypass valve... Her MOT is due in March 2009 and i know she wont pass without at least one more days full welding on her, she leaks badly! It's looking likely i will have to replace the clutch soon, possibly the idle valve and also the heater stat valve or matrix perhaps... what i want to know is - how long will it live and is it worth me doing all of this to her... will i then continue to get a further 30,000 miles use from her do you think?

I know a car only lasts as long as it's maintenance does but with already high mileage i would like to know what i can roughly expect from it... Has anyone else been served this well by their Ghia?

Kangaroo Petrol

29 October 2008 - 03:09 PM

My 1995 fiesta ghia has recently started to have "kangaroo petrol" when travelling in second, third and fourth gear... If i maintain some contact with the throttle she seems fine but the second i come off it is like a mini misfire. The revs remain the same and i don't think it can possibly be a misfire as it is so constant... She had a recent service, ht leads, plugs, oil etc so should be ok? Can anyone shed any light?