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Central Locking Help

02 August 2013 - 09:47 PM

Hi all.

A friend of mine has a Ford Maverick and the lock in the drivers door is usless and he is now unable to lock it.

The fobs are out os sync / code so cannot use them either.


He has bought a Scorpion alarm system which we have partly fitted.

All he wants to use it for is to operate the central locking on the car.


I have the wiring diagram for the alarm system but need to know which wires to tap into on the driver door central lockin solenoide.


Can anyone advise which wires to tap into please?

2.0 Duratec Non Starter

26 January 2013 - 07:24 PM

I have a 51 plate Mondeo. It has FSH. I bought it in June and the only thing it needed was a new coil pack which is why the previous owner was selling. I replaced that and has been fine ever since.

I parked it up in October 12 and not used it since. I di once remove the battery to jump start another car then refitted it. Have not tried to start the mondeo since oct 12. I noticed a bout a week ago that the alarm light in the clock was not flashing so I have had it on trickle charge for about 4 days. I needed to move it today and when I tried it started and it ran for about 2 seconds and then stopped.
I was aware that whe I parked it up it was very low on fuel and as my drive is on a slope thought there might not be enough fuel for the pump.

I put a fresh gallon in and still no joy. Battery has plenty of life. Eventually put the car in reverse and got it off the drive winding it on the starter motor. Once on level ground tried again and still not starting.

The only thing I can find is a possible fuel problem. I had someone try to start the car while I derpessed the bleed nipple on the fuel rail. I was expecting fuel to spray out but nothing.

The fuse for the pump seems fine and I tested the pump relay and this is also working.

Could this have anything to do with either when I removed the battery or with the batter going flat?

Could the code between ECU & key be corrupted?

Coiuld the pump be seized where it has not been sitting in any fuel?

Not sure what to try next.