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Lost Power On Motorway

01 December 2013 - 05:08 PM

Having a bit of an issue with my fiesta, it's an R reg encore 1.3 and approaching 80k.


Not really sure what it is. I thought the head gasket might be gone as I checked my coolant last week  and noticed it was non existant. The car is only used for short journeys generally but I topped it up along with the oil and it hasn't seem to lost any but I put a bit of radweld in with the coolant too. and the oil when getting checked doesn't seem to have been contaminated. 


I've done about 170 miles this week as I had a long motorway journey. The car drives fine on normal roads and seems to accelerate as it normally would upto around 70 mph. I used to be able to go to 85mph without a problem but now the car seems to struggle getting above the 75 mark and slows a bit more if going up a bit of a hill. When it does start getting a bit faster a noise comes from the engine. Only way I can describe it is maybe a bit like a ticking noise or like leaves rustling or something. Not the best description but its hard to tell, and it only happens once the car pushes 75+


It may very well be the headgasket on the way out I'm just not sure as other symptoms don't seem to have appeared so just wondering if it could be anything else?


The car doesn't seem to be overheating when looking at the thermostat but It does seem to be possibly burning through a bit of oil but i can't really be too sure.

Ford Fiesta Encore 1.3 Engine Cutting Out Whilst Slowing Down

30 August 2013 - 04:48 PM

Hi, first of all sorry if this is in the wrong place.


I have a 97 1.3 encore and it has started basically cutting out whilst slowing down,  Usually approaching a roundabout or a junction and on the motorway whilst slowing down. Which is becoming a bit dangerous so I need to try and get it sorted. Probably won't be keeping it much longer but it's just been put through it's mot so want to get a few months out of it atleast if i can.


I know it had the idle speed control valve replaced a few years ago with one from a scrappy, and that the spark plugs aren't too old either.


the car starts and generally runs fine. Just this problem now when slowing and braking/shifting down.


When it does happen all the electrics like the radio etc stay on but the engine just doesn't seem to be revving, Once or twice it's managed to get going again but I usually have to restart the engine to get going again.


any idea's?


It's probably a while since it's been serviced fully but I'm not sure if things like a clogged up air filter etc would cause it or not?

Boot Contact Plate?

02 April 2013 - 09:03 AM

I have an intermittent rear wiper and rear window heater. And I think it is down to the contact plate in the boot. It's a 97 mk 4 fiesta btw. The plate that has 4 copper contact's looks dodgy. One of the plates is bent inwards and looks like it might be causing a bad connection.


I've been thinking about going to a scrappy to get a replacement, does anyone know how this can be removed? does it just pull out? Don't want to mess about with it and make it worse.



Faulty Ignition Switch?

31 March 2013 - 04:13 PM

Hi, I have a 1997 1.3  encore MK4 and it has become problematic today.


Was working fine until this morning. Then when I got to work, took the key out and the engine was still running, the radio etc all turn off but i have to pretty much stall the car or drive a little bit to cut the engine out.


When I take the key out there is a light on the dashboard that flickers quite fast and I'm assuming that it's the starter switch having a bad connection in the off position?


Am I right? The car has had a problem with the rear wiper which isn't working but I don't think there's a short circuit anywhere that could be causing it.


If it is the ignition switch is it easy enough to replace? The car is coming to the end of it's like I think anyway but i was hoping to get atleast a few more months out of it before replacing it, it's only done about 60,000 miles.