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Cruise Control Failed Twice In M5 Roadworks!

16 September 2013 - 10:20 PM

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced anything like this. I have a 60 plate Titanium 1.4 Auto and regularly use the cruise control on long runs.


Driving down the M5 last weekend I used the cruise contol set to 70mph as usual. After passing through the roadworks at the M4 junction near Bristol, it would not resume as I left the 50mph zone. It would not Set+, Set-, or Resume and switching on/off made no difference.


We stopped at Weston-super-Mare and after restarting the car the Cuise Control again worked fine - all weekend in fact. I thought no more about it until travelling back to the Midlands on Monday. After passing through the same roadworks, the Cruise Control again failed to operate at all. I kept trying it without success until we stopped at Tamworth on the M42. Again after restarting the car, it worked fine and has done ever since.


A friend of mine has suggested that the RAC control centre is near the M5 and their radio transmissions may have knocked it out. Anyone have any other ideas or similar experiences?