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In Topic: Hi All Just Enlisted With A Couple Of Queries

25 March 2012 - 12:09 PM

Glad to be of assistance mate and definitely get some pictures posted up when you can. You've had some real nice cars, I'm from the younger generation so missed out on what we'd now consider as the 'classics' but boy do I wish I could have been about in those days haha.

Best of luck and if you want service items I can point you to some good sellers on eBay. I replaced my spark plugs with some nice NGK's and they cost me about 6 which is good. Considering Halfords wanted over 20!


In Topic: Hi All Just Enlisted With A Couple Of Queries

25 March 2012 - 11:01 AM

Hi and welcome :)

As Dez said you have a MK5, and with the 1300cc engine it's the singlepoint injected 8valve (OHV).

In Topic: Ford Focus 2012 - Starting Problems

25 March 2012 - 10:59 AM

Agreed with Stoney it needs to go back to the dealer and you need to kick off a little bit as you wouldn't expect this on a brand new car. They've had your money the cheeky beggers, so the least they can do is sell you a product which works properly!

In Topic: Popping Sound From Filler Cap On Tdci

25 March 2012 - 08:59 AM

Don't worry about the popping as it's due to the vacuum inside the fuel tank. They are vented but there's still quite a strong vacuum as when you use the fuel in the tank air has to replace the space if that makes sense. I filled my car up again yesterday as I hadn't since I did a longish drive to Bristol visiting family, took the filler cap off and there was quite a vacuum holding it in lol.

As far as the possible leak goes you may have a leak from the tube which goes down to the fuel tank, but then again if there were a fuel leak even that bad it probably wouldn't pop because the vacuum wouldn't be as bad. Best advice I can give you that side of things is to have a look underneath the car when you haven't washed it to see if you can trace any leaks. It's probably not a fuel leak as even a slight one you'd smell it probably even inside the car and definitely when it's parked up. Plus you'd notice a decrease in fuel economy but then again it depends where it's leaking from.

In Topic: Turbo Problems On My 56 Plate Mondeo Tdci!

25 March 2012 - 08:50 AM

Hi Emma,

Sorry to hear about this but let's see if we can save you some money. That seems very expensive to me for a turbo, the problem is they are rather complicated (allthough simple in the way they work) and the majority of the time just like a cylinder head a garage would send it off to be refurbished rather than do it on a bench in the workshop. You would probably be able to find a cheaper refurbished unit on eBay on a swap out basis, meaning you may get some money back if you send in your old broken one after the refurbished item has been fitted to your car.

As far as the loss of power and whether the turbo is faulty, can you remember if the car was burning oil? That's one sign a turbo is knackered as oil (which is fed through to lubricate the bearings) can seep through into either the exhaust manifold or inlet manifold and get burnt off. But again oil consumptiom and burning is just one sign of a knackered turbo. As an example on the engine light with loss of power, remember modern ECUs have a 'limp home' safety feature which essentially limits the RPM of the engine should a fault be found and the engine malfunction light is lit. I recently fixed a freinds car which had the engine warning light on and loss of power and it turned out to be a sensor. Once the part was replaced then it was fine.

The garage should have plugged in a fault code reader to read the fault which put the engine light on, it may have pointed them in the right direction without guessing. That way they would be able to tell you with confidence "Yes the turbo is faulty" or whatever, if that makes sense.

Hope that's of some help for now,