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Diesel Fuel Return Pipes Disconnecting

05 October 2014 - 01:08 PM

About a month ago I noticed a leak around the #1 injector. I took the car to Ford, who diagnosed I needed replacement fuel return pipes. A month later and the return pipe popped out of the #1 injector. Ford have had the car back in, checked everything over and gave it the all clear, but the problem reoccurred within a day. I plan to take it back in again, but I'm curious if anyone has ideas what might be causing this beyond shoddy workmanship or a duff set of return pipes.

Ford have told me the injectors have been tested and are working correctly, so that's at least one thing off my mind. They also said the return pipes aren't under any significant pressure that would cause them to disconnect. It all seems a bit strange, but this is well beyond the scope of my knowledge.


Any ideas?