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Help Please, Button Needs Repair Or Replacing,

17 May 2013 - 06:33 PM



I could do with a little help if you are able. i drive a mondeo titanium x and am getting ready to sell the car. the car has the in built touch screen sat nav with the silver button around the edge, the issue i have is that 2 of the buttons have lost the silver off of them and i am attempting to see if they can be repalced or repaired at a reasonable price?

 please look at attached photo's


if anyone is able to help with getting these repaired or replaced please let me know,


thank you


Mondeo Titanium X 2008 Sat Nav Update Help Please,

15 November 2012 - 01:25 PM


I am attempting to find out how to update my sat nav system, i cant find how to update it i have contacted the ford dealers who have told me they dont know how to do it 1 has said that i need an upto date disc for the system another has told me that you can just do an update some how and that i dont need an updated disc, i have also found out that there are different disc aswell and they will only work on some systems so i need the right disc for the right system and again the dealers dont know what system tye i have have,

how can i find out what touch screen system i have as it says nthing on the front? and does anyone know if it a disc thats needed for the update or can it just be updated

help please.


Entertainment System And Heating Stopped Working,

09 November 2012 - 03:05 PM

hi guys,

i am looking for some help if you can please, i drove my ford mondeo titanium x the liverpool today from birmingham when i arrived i parked my car and pressed the button to shut the engine down, upon doing this the car made some fun noise's from the dash beeps and that so i pressed the engine button again and the car shut down as it should. now when igot back in my car 10 minutes later to drive back the entertainment system and my heating wont work at all. the entertainment system is the one that has everything built in and is touch screen so it controls my radio, cd, telephone, sat nav, and dispalys my heater settings although the heating system is turned on and up and down via the buttons below the entertainment system,
nothing at all works now and i am hoping this will just be a fuse or ralay issue but i have no idea what fuse or relay to check can anyone help with this please

thank you