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05 Galaxy Dvd Multimedia Pack Fault

04 August 2011 - 03:52 PM

Hello all. I'm a newbie here but hope this is the right place to post these questions.

I have just purchased a 05 galaxy ghia with the integrated DVD multimedia pack. It didnt come with any headphones but do see a 3.5 jack output on the center console. So can probably get around that. However I dont seem to be able to switch the thing on. I have put new batteries in the remote (in case it was that simple).

I have the ignition on.
Press the power button on the remote pointing it at either of the screens.
Pressed the power button on the DVD unit itself.

I get no output on the screens at all and would expect to see something even if a DVD wasn't in the unit playing.

Is there an 'order'; to switch it on?
Does someone have a wiring diagram or suggestion where I should start looking if it faulty.

Long term I'm not so concerned if the DVD player is a fault as I'd like to replace the factory head unit with a DVD, bluetooth etc with Video Aux out and pipe that to the screens. However for the time being I'd like to fix what I already have.

Also what are the door speaker sizes. Without taking the panel off I'm guessing 6 1/2" or are they the same 5x7 that are in the focus (I had an 01 focus before)

Thanks in advance