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In Topic: Ford Fiesta Alloy Wheels - Have You Had Buckled Alloy Wheels, Or Know Somebod...

16 February 2013 - 01:03 PM

Dave, Don't worry I did not take it personally, I understand your anger, the whole thing is a joke and to be honest I have decided that my next car will not be another Ford, it may seem stupid over wheels but think about it in context.

The only thing that makes contact with the road (via the tire) and it has a high proportion of failure, that to me is simply unacceptable.

Combined with the door seals being stuck on with Blu-Tac and my seat that is either already broken or will shortly break I cannot stand the hassle that comes attached to these cars.

Antman99......deffo with you re the 'blue tack' comment.....Ford quality driving me away to another manufacturer !

In Topic: Door Seals Peeling

07 December 2012 - 08:01 PM

I noticed my door seals peeling on my 61 plate in October (12).

My dealer 'repaired' them straight away.

The 'repair' lasted 1 day !

As my first service was due I asked the dealer if they could again fix the problem, at the same time of the service, and they agreed.

I told them that I wasn't happy with the fact that double sided sticky tape to hold on waterproof door seals was a Ford quality issue, and I would be contacting Ford directly to complain about poor quality.

After 1 week, my car was fixed with a different design door seal, (I believe the seal now being fitted on the production line)...

Ford have been in contact with me twice to ask if the work was satisfactory, and I can only say I am very pleased with Ford, and my local dealer for very good service.

dave :D