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Attention Ford Bluetooth Users! - Update Available As Of April 2012!

13 April 2012 - 09:41 AM

Apologies if this has already been discussed:

Ford has released a new update in April of this year (previous update was october 2011) for Ford stereo's to fix the following issues:

- Playback of music files via the USB stick
- Connection stability of iPod/iPhone devices
- Connection stability for Bluetooth, telephony and music streaming via Bluetooth
- Compatibility of mobile phones

Personally I hope this will solve the common problem with Bluetooth not pairing when you start the engine. Normally have to turn the stereo on without the car and wait for it to pair - then turn on the engine. THIS UPDATE WILL NOT WORK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A USB PORT. Please ask your local ford dealer to update your stereo instead.

1). Download files:- http://www.ford-mobi...udio_update.zip
2). Extract all files into ROOT directory of USB stick. Root directory meaning it is directly placed onto the USB stick - not in a folder!
3). Go to car, turn on stereo using the on/off button. Do not turn ignition on at all.
4). Once stereo is on plug in the USB stick.
5). Turn the ignition on but not the engine.
6). Stereo will now start updating.
7). Wait 15-20 mins.... You should now see "update finished" and the stereo will resume normal operations.
8). You may need to turn stereo on/off and/or debond and pair bluetooth devices.

Update applies to:

Fiesta: July 2008 - December 2011
Focus: February 2008 - January 2012
C-MAX: February 2008 - January 2012
Kuga: February 2008 - January 2012
Mondeo: September 2008 - January 2012
S-MAX: September 2008 - January 2012
Galaxy: September 2008 - January 2012
Transit: from June 2009
Ranger: from April 2009

Haven't had a chance to test the update properly as I am at work, however I will let you know if the BT bonds with my phone first time when I start the engine.

Fingers crossed!

Attention Iphone 4 + Bluetooth Stereo Owners.

14 February 2012 - 04:36 PM

I've created another topic in this forum as the previous topic in the audio forum didn't get any replies from Iphone + ford bluetooth owners.

Does anyone have issues with the iphone on ios 5 and the ford bluetooth not automatically connecting eachtime you turn the car on? I had major issues to begin with, the bluetooth not pairing, read errors etc but this was cured with the ford mobile connect update via the USB port - that solved most of the issues but the phone and stereo still wont automatically connect everytime I get in the car, it maybe connects 1 out of 10 times getting in the car. The stereo just sits at the searching screen looking for the phone but the phone doesn't respond. If i tell the phone to connect - it connects fine. It should work seemlessley though.

Just want to clarify if it is a known issue and somebody else has got the same problem or is it just my phone or car?

Thanks in advance.

For anybody that hasn't updated yet:


Iphone 4 Bluetooth + Sony Dab/cd Stereo

06 February 2012 - 12:08 PM


So I got a new titanium model focus the other day - px'd my old zetec model. Got a 1.6 petrol 2011 focus titanium.

This new one has the sony DAB/CD bluetooth usb etc headunit. Had issues to start with the car not reading the songs etc when streaming but quickly resolved with the USB update (did this 2 days ago). However, when I get in the car I still have to tell my phone to connect to the bluetooth again! Everytime. I can turn the stereo on/off and it will then connect but it should really be seemless.

What I want to know is wether or not it is a known issue or is it just my particular car or phone? They bond fine, everything works - it is just that it will not automitcally pair when the car is turned on. The stereo sits at "Searching...." for the phone, but unless I turn it off and on or tell the phone to connect now it will not do anything.


Stiff Front Suspension?

22 January 2012 - 03:25 PM

Sorry if it's in the wrong forum,

I was in my work mates focus the other day, coming out of work car-park and noticed his car doesn't thud when going over a particular bump out of the carpark but yet mine does. He has exactly the same model and engine as mine including the same tyres running at the reccomended PSI..

His car has slighlty more miles than mine, his is around 60k mines around 50k. I've always thought my suspension was a bit stiff but thought that it was just how the car was. It's actually quite annoying when you hear the car creaking and thuding when going over relativley small inperfections on the road. I've adjusted the tyre pressures now so that they're running on 31 front and 33 rear that seems to have helped a little but I shouldnt have to run the front tyres at a lower PSI to remedy it. It's also hard to get the suspension to depress by pushing on the car.

Anyone else think there cars a bit stiff or is it just mine?

It's a 1.8 TDCI 2008 zetec climate. Standard allows, factory tyres..

Strange One/possible Drive Shaft?

10 October 2011 - 02:19 PM


Got my car a few months ago, love it so far but got a strange issue. It's a 1.8 TDCI Ford Focus Zetec (08)

It only seems to happen when the car is cold, and when I'm on full right lock and it is only occasionly.. which is a bugger to diagnose!! When I'm pulling out of a parking space in full right lock, and gently press the accelerator or if I'm already on it the car seems to loose power and make a very strange and quite loud metal to metal grinding noise until my instict to let the lock off kicks in and it stops..

Sounds like gearbox or possibly driveshaft to me, but then again I work in IT not cars!

I've got it booked in at the garage on monday coming, but the guys at ford seemed very confused as to what it could be with the description I gave!