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In Topic: Noisey Fan Motor, Being Sold A Pack Of Lies By Dealer

27 June 2013 - 03:25 PM

Just had a letter from Ford who are investigating the issue. They have also sent me a free 36 Month service letter. This wasnt what i was after just a garage to do warranty work when it was requried. let hope Perry's of Aylesbury learn from this and bette their customer service, i wont hold my breath tho

In Topic: S-Max 'immobiliser Active'.

21 June 2013 - 04:04 PM

Having the same problme here. Only today i get in my S-Max, press the engine start button and nothing. Called Ford Asssit out (AA Turn up !!!) and all he did was remove the car battery for 10 seconds, re-connect and away it went !!!! Think it must be getting a spike when you open the car door or something, as this is the 6th time its happended but all previous times i left it for 30 minutes and it cleared itself.


Pointless taking it to Ford i feel as i will only get fed a pack of lies.

In Topic: Noisey Fan Motor, Being Sold A Pack Of Lies By Dealer

04 June 2013 - 12:44 PM

Well the car went in for its fan motor to be changed and it doesnt sound like a WW2 bomber anymore :) And it took two guys 3 hours to do it, just hope now that when it goes all back together i dont get any squeaks or rattles :wacko:


I will now be sending a letter into Ford telling them off the poor service ive had at perry'sAylesbury along with a letter of commendation to Thame Ford for their excellent level of service.

In Topic: Noisey Fan Motor, Being Sold A Pack Of Lies By Dealer

21 May 2013 - 05:34 PM

The crazy thing is, my brother in law is a technician there, and he said today that all the staff have recently been on a course to stop that type of incident from happeneing !!!! Think that guy was on holiday that day :wacko:

In Topic: Noisey Fan Motor, Being Sold A Pack Of Lies By Dealer

21 May 2013 - 03:08 PM

Off at a tangelt here, but i couldnt help sayig this.


I ordered a touch up paint from the part counter at Aylesbury Perry's a week ago, got a call form a nice lady who told me that it was in and ready for collection. popped in there yesterday at about 5.30, went up to the parts counter where the guy behind the counter was speaking to a woman about parts ( i assumed is was a customer) so i stood there for about 4 minutes, the guy clearly see's me but continues to chat to the woman, its only when she turned around a bit that i saw her "Perrys" staff badge.


So without hesitation i blew my top and said "F*** it you can keep your paint" and walked off, only to hear the woman say "he's free now"......


Why oh why do dealerships like that still be in business? No customer facing skills what so ever, at least the guy could have done was say "ill be with you in two minutes" and i would have been ok with it.


Ford will get to hear of this and it will be a statement of "give me three good reasons why i should buy another Ford?"


Sorry for the rant :(