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Keyless Entry/immobilzer Active Fault

27 June 2013 - 03:30 PM

On a few occcations when i open my car door on my 2011 S-Max i get the Immobilizer Active alert and my car wont start, even tho i have my car fob in my hand (otherwise it wouldnt have opened my car)


On all three occations i called Ford Assist out. AA chip up and scratch their heads. on one occation it just reset itself after about 10 minutes, but the last time the car battery had to be disconnected for a few minutes and it then worked.


The car goes in for this fault to be checked under warranty but im not holding much hope with my local garage. Is this a common problem with keyless entry on Fords?

Noisey Fan Motor, Being Sold A Pack Of Lies By Dealer

01 May 2013 - 07:09 PM

Ive got a 2011 S-Max Titanium X Sport and over the last few weeks ive noticed that the fan motor sounds like a WW2 Bomber when on speed setting 7.


I booked it in at my local Dealer (Perry of Aylesbury) and asked to investigate it as i felt that the sound was the fan motor being out of balance. To my disgust they came up with the following lame excuse and refused to take it any further.


"We inserted a camera into the heater box and found a Leaf" I asked how did it get there and the guy bhind the counter just shrugged his shoulders. so i asked "Well did you take it out?" he replied "No as its not covered under warranty" I was sitting there thinking if the tech really did find a leaf why didnt he do the right thing and remove it? or was there acutally a leaf int here?


My bet is that the fan is out of balance (i can feel the vibration throught he steering wheel) and it will be a dockyard job to remove and replace the motor. But i looked under the bonnet and there is no way that anything large than a Fly could make it into the heater/motor box.


At the time i should have asked to speak to the technician and say "well wheres the video footage?"


So what should i do about the above? take it back and demand that they show me the leaf or contact Ford Direct and tell them that their dealer is telling their customer lies and doubting weather to use them ever again?


Over to you :(