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In Topic: Need a handsfree kit, bluetooth or satnav supplying and fitting??

21 November 2008 - 09:12 AM

Ok first of all business has got to be really really bad second of all where the discount third of all did u ask permission for free advertisement i know it sounds harsh but i used to use a renault forum and all we got was people going on there posting their business details and not offering anything in return its not ur fault laura ur just doing what u think is good for company boss and a pay rise but just make sure u ask and we get a good 30% discount off anything


Matt, are you the founder of the Ford Owners club.. ?! And yes, business is slow, as im sure you are aware there is this little thing called the credit crunch going on, which obviously you are aware of as you keep asking for more discount, so therefore I have advertised on the Ford Forum, discounts are included in the price, gotta do anything at this time to make ourselves known, so until i am asked to remove the post by someone other than a member then im going to leave it there incase someone gets in touch that has some interest in using us not just to complain. :o)