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In Topic: Picked Up Mrs Fiesta Zs Diesel

19 March 2013 - 02:14 AM

Thanks for that chaps will contact dealer !

In Topic: Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

16 July 2012 - 08:32 PM

Hi there

Does anyone else have a creaking boot on thier MK7 Fiesta...? If so does anyone know what the fix is cos its driving me mad.....


I had Mk 7 ZS and mine rattled , ford changed the lock and it went away ? Not sure if this was issue or lock change removal disturbed / cured rattle ?

In Topic: My Fiesta Mk7 Front End Finished

12 July 2012 - 07:10 AM

do you think brush painting will give the same finish ?

Brush painting just as good mate ! Halfords do high temp paint for about 5 and lasted me for my last 3 cars so personally paint them with brush :-)

In Topic: Window Tints Mk7

08 July 2012 - 08:28 PM

cheers for those pics. those tints look good. is that the ford privacy glass at the back or tints?

Ford priv glass mate

In Topic: Window Tints Mk7

08 July 2012 - 08:09 PM

haha my bad :lol:
but your tints on the back with white does work well. :D

Cheers for that