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Picked Up Mrs Fiesta Zs Diesel

17 March 2013 - 09:04 PM

Collected wife's new car today and looks super ! Bit strange no aluminium pedals as book states ? Seems a batch were built without and need to get done under warranty ?

Thoughts ! Focus To A Fiesta Metal

04 July 2012 - 03:03 PM

I have had my focus titanium now 9 months on a 61 plate after part ex my 11 plate Fiesta Zetec S , I am looking at part ex for Fiesta Metal ? I looked at the new focus ST but don't like the 5 dr look for a sporty car ? I loved the ZS but have any of you got the metal and what are your thoughts ?
My current Focus
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Tempted To Change !

04 July 2012 - 02:59 PM

So tempted to get a Fiesta Metal ! Looked at on today and nice looking car - Not paying the ST Focus price as personally think it looks crap in a 5 dr

Oh Dear !!!!! Flooded Focus !!!!

28 June 2012 - 11:15 AM

Guy at works 1 week Focus Titanium X in our work car park after the rain !!!
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Cracking Deal At Ford Today

02 June 2012 - 07:11 PM

Walked into ford today knowing end of quater upon us and got the mrs another fiesta zetec ! Straight swap ! On options with no deposit and no extra per month !!!!