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Steering Noise

20 September 2013 - 08:47 AM

Morning All


Ive got a 1.0L eco boost fiesta bought in march 13. Its got 4.6K on the clock


I decided to drive without the radio on yesterday and i came across a noise on my sterring wheel, i cant even but it down as a click or a clunk, but more like a tension noise. This was at 70mph as i changed lanes or even drove straight it made it, seems to be coming from were the wheel turns


I then tried it again this morning removing key rings etc and it didnt do it at first then i turned right at 20MPH and it made it again then the next time i turn it doesnt do it, so ive come to the conclusion that its worse at high speed, it seems to be very intermittent,


Spoke to Ford dealer were i bought it from and there going to get back in touch, but all i can give them is a very vauge description of what i think is wrong


Glad for the 3 year warranty mind


Any advice be great