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In Topic: New Ford Fiesta - How Many Faults Does Yours Have?

31 August 2011 - 09:40 AM

i have had so many problems with my 09 1.4tdci titanium p.o.s. i bought the car as a demo , 11000km on the clock when i picked it up a year ago . its been back at the ford stealership 8 times ! and its going back again tomorrow . got in the car after work today to find over 4cm of water on the floor on the passenger side ! going to trade it in for something else .

Ive just had a water leak problem, back passenger footwell filling with water everytime it rained but no visible signs of where it was coming from. I bought the car as an ex ford owed with 1800 miles on clock. Apparently this water leak was a known fault on the 58 plates, I have a Fiesta Style. The leak was due to insufficient sealant on the A post. Even though I took out an extended warranty, guess what, water leaks arent covered after the first 12 months. However, due to my very helpful service manager, customer relations have agreed to foot 75% of the bill and my dealer is going to cover the rest. This is about my sixth Ford and my fourth Fiesta but its really put me off.

In Topic: Water In Driver Side Floor!!!

31 August 2011 - 09:29 AM

Iv'e had this water coming into the driver's side front for some time now,it's been back to the garage 3 times now and still it leaks!!!carpets are soaked through,it's 2008 zetec 1.8 tdci estate,i can't seem to see where the heck it's getting in from,nor can the garage!!anyone with any tips please,thanks.

I just had a similar problem on my 58 plate Fiesta Style. I was told by the garage, a ford main dealer, that it was a known manufacturing fault and that the water was coming down the A Post due to a lack of sealant on the welding. They knew straight away and have stripped out my car and had it drying out for over a week. I also took out a extended warranty but was told that water leaks arent covered by the warranty after the first year !! My leak was appearing in the back passenger footwell behind the drivers seat and there were no visible signs of it coming in. I am off to collect my car today so await the next downpour to see if it happens again. Mine might be a totally different problem as you dont say if it only happens at certain times, ie, when it rains but thought it was worth a mention. Hope it helps.

In Topic: Water Leak

31 August 2011 - 09:08 AM

My Daughter has just purchased an 09 fiesta Style, she has only owned it now for a week and last night we had heavy rain, this morning when she went out in the car, she noticed that the floor mats where wet, does anyone have any idea where this water could be coming in from?

Hello, I am a new member and joined for this very reason. I have a 58 plate Fiesta Style and I had exactly the same problem. The footwell behind the drivers seat was filling up with water everytime it rained. At first I thought it must be coming in from underneath the car as there didnt appear to be any visible signs of water coming in. THIS IS A KNOWN MANUFACTURE FAULT. I took mine into my local Ford garage who informed me of this. My leak was coming from the A Post, due to not enough sealant on the welding. Ford customer relations offered to pay 50% of the cost but the dealer told me not to accept and to argue, which I duly did and they raised the offer to 75%. I have just been contacted by my dealer today and they have agreed to pay the remaining 25%, so the repair is now free. They had my car for over a week and kindly lent me a loan car. I also contacted Trading Standards and threatened Customer relations with going to Watchdog because I dont think it is fair that I am expected to pay for a manufacturing fault. Trading Standards told me that under the Sale of Goods Act my car should have been free from defects when Ford sold it to me (I bought it secondhand from them with only 1800 miles on the clock) and they already knew that there was a fault on this Model and year of car.

I really hope this helps. Do push for them to pay, Im sure it must be the same fault. Good Luck