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In Topic: 1990 Mark 4 Escort

19 November 2008 - 06:16 PM

Hi team, ive got a mark 4 1990 escort it is a 1.3 bonus with a 1.6 XR3. The engine is an efi or something like that, has a turbo bodykit, induction kit, 5 inch stainless steel custom exhaust, recaro racing seats, full set of rs turbo alloys with matching spare with new tires all around and it is basically a whole lot of fun and runs sweeeeet!

I'm considering selling it so if anyone is interested then let me know what price they would be willing to pay...

My mate said to strip it and sell it in parts as there are a lot of mods but its all hastle and time I don't have as I need transport.

Selling due to commuting everyday and fed up of sitting in traffic - so back to biking for me!!!

Any questions gimme a call on 07535659097 cheers, Chris.

I reacon the car is worth 350 - 390 now, i looked at a mint condition 1990 Mk4 the other day that was going for 320 therefore i doubt it will now be worth more than what i said at the start, how much would you value it?

In Topic: Cd player

12 November 2008 - 06:17 PM

Hey up people ive heard from a friend that you can buy ford cd players to update old audio systems like my radio/casette player in my '96' escort. Im looking to get one for cheap-ish & wondering if anyone knows where i can get one and how much they cost? Also i recently had an M.O.T and was told that the CV boot was damaged does anyone know how much it would cost to replace this?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

you mean standard escort cd players to replace tape players, because ebay has usually got cheap ones or do u mean non standard ones because halfords has some great details at the moment because of christmas.