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In Topic: Is The Dashboard Figures Accurate? (Miles Left To Empty Tank)

14 October 2014 - 04:34 PM

Hi there, I frequently do a 700 mile trip to france and having had both mk1 and now 2 diesels I've found the mk2 readout to be pretty accurate and consistant providing you don't keep resetting it during a trip. the mk1 readout would go up or down depending on the instantaneous consumption reading whereas the mk2 readout never increases no matter how economically you drive it just knocks the miles off slower ( ie 1 mile knocked off when in reality 1.3 miles have been covered.)

I find on these trips I usually average 54 to 59mpg from the 1.8 tdci depending on load with a worst of 49.9 very heavily loaded with tools, ladders on the roof and bikes on the back.