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In Topic: 'o4 Streetka Running Rough On 98 Octane?

18 August 2014 - 09:48 AM

A guy at another garage who to be fair was really helpful and took the car at very short notice last week. I rang him earlier with an update on the saga and just to let him know to keep an eye out for those plastic caps in future. He seemed genuinely grateful for the heads up!

In Topic: 'o4 Streetka Running Rough On 98 Octane?

18 August 2014 - 09:44 AM

Yea fingers crossed for some trouble free motoring from the Diva for a while lol

In Topic: 'o4 Streetka Running Rough On 98 Octane?

18 August 2014 - 09:11 AM

Turns out the new leads had been fitted without the plastic end caps being removed!
They are on the end of the leads that connect to the plugs and are marked 'remove before use' but this had been overlooked and so the leads were arcing out and not clipped in place properly.
Such a relief to have figured it out.
So anyone in Torbay with car trouble I can now highly recommend Neil at Parkside Garage, Magdalene Lane, torquay, 01803 316002

In Topic: 'o4 Streetka Running Rough On 98 Octane?

17 August 2014 - 09:24 PM

Brilliant guys thanks for the input, really appreciated.
Have eliminated the 98 octane possibility as am now running on a fresh tank of 95 and the problem is constant. PLUS engine mgmt light is now back on and problem is worse than ever!
Some other info:
The problem is defo worse when the engine is hotter or has been running for a while.
When engine is cold it will rev smoothly in neutral but after a run on the motorway it will even misfire in neutral if i rev it.
One mechanic has suggested that even tho the leads have been replaced and are brand new, they might be the cause of the problem as they arnt genuine ford ones and may be arcing out.
A mate had suggested maybe the Mass Air Flow sensor may be faulty?
Im also wondering if it could be causing a problem that i have used two different viscosity oils? (5,30 and 10,40)
Taking it to a different garage tomo for them to plug in their diagnostics computer and hear their thoughts on the matter.
The saga continues!

In Topic: Ford Ka 2004 Misfiring

12 August 2014 - 09:36 PM

Hi claire i know this was a while ago but did u ever figure it out because mine has just started doing the same!