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Smokescreen At Start Up

24 February 2013 - 01:21 PM

I've owned my Focus for about 15 months now (not been serviced since June 2011...I know, I know) :o

It pretty much always starts 1st time, even when its sub zero (it usually cranks 3 times & then fires). From a cold start though it runs rough for approx 15-20 seconds (erratic idling) & I get a nice blue/grey smokescreen. Once it starts to warm up it runs fine. It pulls OK & I can still get good MPG when I drive it sensibly. I'm just a little concerned by the smoke, oh & there's no major smoking once we're up to temp & I boot it.

I'm going to start the service items shortly, other than the usual service items such as filters etc any other suggestions. Incidentally what would be considered an acceptable output from the battery with the engine off (dashboard trick). I ask because it looks like it might be the original.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.