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Removing Mk2 Focus Locking Wheel Nut Advice

24 June 2015 - 09:45 PM

Hi all,


I trusted the wife to take my trusty Focus to have a tyre replaced due to a slow puncture.  My usual (trusted) garage was too busy so she took it to a local independent "tyre place" they managed to strip the inside of the key so couldn't remove the nut.  They swore blind they had the key on straight etc but my wife had her doubts.


Anyway they wanted £60 to remove the locking nuts & replace them & the locking key with Ford supplied parts.  I called them & asked how much to replace the locking nuts with standard nuts & was told it was still £60 as they had to get them from Ford.  I told them to "F*ck off" as standard wheel nuts come in "standard" sizes.


On a previous car I removed a locking nut using the methods shown on youtube e.g. slightly undersized socket, bash it on & away you go.


This option does seem to be viable for my Focus as the locking nut appears to have a collar round it, I also can't get a standard socket over it due to there only being a tiny gap between the nut collar & the wheel itself.


Has anyone successfully managed to remove one of these type successfully?  If so how?  :wacko: (Do I need to chisel off the collar & I'll then have room/access to the nut itself)  I though it best to ask for advice before taking a 4lb lump hammer & a cold chisel to it, lol)


I've attached a couple of pictures to try & show it a little better. One is a fleabay pic of the same type of locking nut Attached File  Locking Nuts.JPG   165.11KB   34 downloads


& the other is a pic of my issue with a lack of clearance/room between the collar & the wheel itself Attached File  My locking nuts.jpg   64.16KB   34 downloads


All sensible suggestions are welcome!  :D

Any Ideas What This Pipe Does (Because I Snapped It!)

02 March 2015 - 10:59 PM

Hi all, whilst I was fiddling about about removing the air temp sensor & a few other bits to clean I managed to snap the little pipe that's to the left of the attached image  :iim:


I've glued it back together & used gaffer tape to reinforce it but I'd rather replace it now I know it's been bodged.


Does anyone know what it does? (my car drives fine incidentally) I was hoping to source a replacement for the weekend when I'm joining the blanked EGR valve club!  :driving:


Thanks in advance for any advice offered.

Weird Braking Feeling

06 July 2014 - 07:02 PM

Hi all, had the pads & discs changed a few months ago & no problems since (until) a few days ago I drove the car & the ABS light didn't go off for the whole journey.  The brakes worked as normal & on the journey back after the car had been sat for a while no lit up ABS light.


Since then (even the wife has noticed it) it's not every time, maybe one in 30 when the brake pedal is pressed (the 1st inch or so of travel) you get a sensation through the pedal like the ABS is kicking in it then clears & brakes as normal.


I'm off work Wednesday so can take it to a trusted local garage but wondered if you guys had come across anything similar & any sensible starting points.  Oh & both the dashboard trick & my ODB reader don't show any stored codes).


The ABS light hasn't been on since but the weird behaviour remains.  (could it possibly be a loose/dirty/knackered ABS/brake sensor) all suggestions welcome!  :D