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#153273 Illuminated Ignition Ring.

Posted by Andy 1965 on 20 November 2011 - 09:50 AM

oohhh ok i don't know, i stick it in the garage lol i never leave the light on because i was worried id get a flat battery lolol shows how much i know lol well i have left it on now so i will check after dinner i guess

but i could do an hours drive and the light would still be dimmed?? confused.com lol

Hi alkyz89. I have also fitted an LED festoon bulb to replace the stock bulb. I was worried about the LED staying on, albeit very dim when leaving the car. However, after checking several hours later, it does go out completely. After reading some of the posts on the forum, I am happy to leave it be as I reckon it is just using the residual current in the circuit as LED's need very little power compared to a filament bulb. Takes a bit of getting used to, though. lol. :)