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Mk4 Fiesta 1.3 Encore 1996 Running Like A Donkey

03 April 2012 - 06:52 PM

so my car had a idle problem, stalling at stops and so on, fixed that with a new idle air control valve, so happy about that, then the car ran perfect for like a month maybe, but then got a new problem, which is massive amounts of over revving now, doing about 3-4000 revs as soon as i put the clutch down, it also has a cruise control type problem which is really annoying, i have to have my foot constantly on the brake when crawling because the engine will go upto 4000 revs when the clutch is down, turning heads, causing noise, drinking petrol and overheating the engine,

i have checked for vaccum leaks and there are none, what else could it be please help me
what can i look for ?
i have a fault code cable but no software to check for anything else ?
does anyone have any idea of programs that will work for ford fiesta mk4 1996, any i have looked at are for vw, or brand specific ones for their own devices.

any advice would be great because the car is driving me crazy