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In Topic: A couple of clutch questions

06 June 2009 - 05:05 PM

hey up , if your a complete novice dont try this yourself , it ll end in tears . if disregarding this advice , ebay , you ll get a clutch kit for maybe bout 50 quid , and a manual for a fiver or so , dont go into it blindly ,and most certainly dont use a second hand one you dont know its history , you wouldnt borrow a used condom of anyone now would you ? ;)

TBH honest I really dont think Im gonna do it myself. A mate whose being trained as a mechanic is gonna do it but I just fancied have a instruction guide to follow just in case.

Ill go do a quick Ebay hunt, see what I can see.

P.s That Condom analogy, whilst correct, was rather distasteful :lol: