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In Topic: S-Max Aircon Faulty Since Service?

24 February 2013 - 10:43 AM

Right then, thought I'd update. My wife took the car to another garage to get this all checked out, and they couldn't find anything, suggesting an auto-electrician would be the way to go.

So rather than do that, being certain the issue started at the service, I decided to pull apart the section under the glovebox to see what I could find.

Under there sticking out of the side of the centre console, was a blue female connector with no wires going in to it. I pulled this out and it's a long, blue sensor.

Had a feel around and discovered the wires and matching male connector pushed back a bit, plugged them in… and all is well. Aircon fully working.

Once I'd fixed it, I googled "blue sensor s-max" and this was the top result, which shows that indeed, with this unplugged A/C wont work: http://www.justanswe...-few-weeks.html

Frustrated that "experts" couldn't find it, but pleased I managed. Wish I'd have pulled of the panels and had a good look round sooner though!