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In Topic: Fiesta 2005 1.4Tdci - Plastic Water Connecting Hose

16 September 2013 - 08:43 PM

Thanks Arjen.


It is indeed just a push fit with a rubber o-ring. Pulled it hard and it came out!






was there a leak from this pipe?

I have fusion 1.4tdci with a coolant leak somewhere around the thermostat housing - the pipes coming from the housing are wet and it runs down onto the exhaust

Not sure if the leak is the thermo housing or one of these plastic pipes

There are 2 of these pipes at the back of the engine - one from housing to water pump I think and the other is the bypass hose?

I am thinking of putting on a new thermostat housing to cure the leak hopefully. Do the plastic pipes need new seals or rings fitted?

In Topic: Ford Focus Remote Central Locking Headache

22 May 2013 - 06:57 PM

I changed the battery about a year ago and about 6 weeks ago had the remote fob tested for signal output and was told it was ok


JohnH- is it definitely true that I have to get the module recoded,etc? I thought this was not the case and that they are interchangeable as long as the module part number matches the original one which it does. After I put the replacement module in I did the turn ignition 4 times thing and there was the chime sound but no chime when I then pressed a button on the remote

What would this cost to get done and can it only be done at a Ford dealer?