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In Topic: Help: A Few Problems With My Puma

03 October 2011 - 09:46 PM

1. The contacts in the mirror may have corroded or the motor has siezed, They get so little use they often do this. I swopped my motor over with one from a Mk 5 Fiesta and it worked fine.

2. Not sure about your speedo. If it is driven by an electronic pickup, it may be that that is faulty. If you hold down the milometer trip button while you turn the ignition on, see if that does a self check.

3. Dash warning light needs a reader plugging in to check whats causing it to come on.

4. Yours may have the older system, same as the Ka, and the signal is quite weak on these and you do need to be near the car. Even worse on hot sunny days.

Thanks for the advice, I'll certainly try the trip button and report back.

Someone else (on another forum) has mentioned rust on the inside mirror, and regarding the engine light - they had suggested because my milage was digital, that it is possibly related. Like you said though, I will find out when I take it in on Friday.

Shame if thats the case re: signal

Thanks for your help