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Help: A Few Problems With My Puma

02 October 2011 - 03:03 PM

Hi there,

First time here - I found out about this place from the pumapeople forum.

I have a couple of issues with my Puma which I'm looking for some advice on, I've booked my car into a Ford dealership for a full service next week but I'd like to get some additional information in preperation.

Besides the car needing serviced I have the following faults, in which I'd appreciate if 1. Is it expensive to repair, and roughly how much am I looking at and 2. Is it difficult to identify the cause.

1. The passenger side electric mirror does not go up or down.
2. The speedometer stopped working 2 days ago.
3. The engine light lit up on the dashboard today - could this because of the speedometer?
4. The remote key fobs sometimes won't work unless I get quite close to the car, is this just a case of replacing the battery and a weak signal as a result?

My Puma is a 1.7 late 2001 model and only has 30k miles.