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#537057 Focus 1.6 Tdci Oil Change - Using A Pump

Posted by Mad85 on 02 November 2015 - 03:39 PM

haha, my original clutch gave in after 85000miles... remapping to 140bhp was the last straw i guess :D

#536892 Focus 1.6 Tdci Oil Change - Using A Pump

Posted by Mad85 on 02 November 2015 - 07:17 AM

HI, I bought a Silverline Oil Extractor Pump to be able to change the oil without getting under the car. However my plan failed since I was only able to extract half the oil, even using a thinner pipe. It seems I was unable to reach the bottom of the sump.


Is this how these pumps are supposed to work or should it be a tight fit to create a vacuum to be able to extract the oil from the bottom?


Anyone has experience using these pumps, on a 1.6tdci maybe?

#535728 1.6 Tdci Loss In Power, Excessive Fuel Consumption

Posted by Mad85 on 29 October 2015 - 01:16 PM

Why mess with the injectors?


They need coding into the ECU with IDS diagnostics so not a home job unless you have the diagnostics kit.


Because, it must be either the injectors or the turbo (and the turbo does not seem to be doing anything weird and there is no play in the shaft).  Using a second hand set of injectors should not require coding... but there is the risk that the injectors are actually in the same state mine are.



Hi is this bg 244 good to use on my 16 td and will it not bring any warning lights on the dash

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BG244 is just a fuel treatment - you added to a full tank and drive normally. If your car is not sick it should help to clean up the fuel - related components, prolonging their life. If your car is a bit sick (due to excessive carbon deposits), there is a slight chance that you would see an improvement.  It is more expensive then some other treatments because it is safe to use on modern diesels.

#297489 1.6 Tdci - Replacing Turbo

Posted by Mad85 on 17 October 2013 - 12:02 PM

hey thanks for this! looks the same as mine so i guess thats one less expense :)

#296601 1.6 Tdci - Replacing Turbo

Posted by Mad85 on 14 October 2013 - 08:18 AM

Thanks for the quick response!


I have considered the use of engine flush many times but there are many conflicting reports of its use on a high mileage engine (mine has 98000miles). Some say its beneficial, others say it will stir up so much dirt that it will do more damage than good and it may clog the engine's arteries! Since my turbo is still functional, i am not too concerned about excessive dirt. When I change the banjo filter a year ago, the filter inside was still quite clean (which was a relieve).


About the inlet pennilum, do you have a picture, maybe the old vs the new? I have one of the latest pre-facelift model and a few things are in fact from the facelift model.  


Thanks a lot


#296593 1.6 Tdci - Replacing Turbo

Posted by Mad85 on 14 October 2013 - 07:41 AM

My focus is really lacking power and I noticed a new slight whine from (i think) the turbo. Not sure if its dirty or its on its way out but considering the type of damage you would get from a blown turbo I decided to purchase a refurbished unit from ebay for about 300 quid.  Not wanting to spend much more on this car (repair bills in the last couple of years have run into thousands already), I am thinking of doing the job myself with my buddy helping me. Haynes manual put the job at 4 stars which I honestly have never done but have found 3 stars jobs pretty easy. I also have a good set of tools and pit in my garage. None the less it is still something that neither me or my friend have ever done - do you think we should do it or is it too risky?


Also apart from the gaskets, what else needs to be changed? The oil feed pipe was replaced a year ago since I decided it was a good practice to do it while I had my DPF being removed.