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In Topic: Focus Dash Light Query.

22 August 2015 - 05:34 PM

OK, Well after a trip to my friendly Ford dealership they found a copy of the drivers handbook for that year and confirmed it is a warning light for the traction control / electronic stability system.
The fault is that when you turn on the ignition this does not light up, if you are lucky it will flicker on/off randomly or not, depends how it feels.! It may come on intermittently while driving but never stays on, it's almost like a loose wire swinging about, have found a few multi plugs under bonnet and cleaned contacts with switch cleaner, made no difference, cleaned up some rusty earth connections, still no goodWant to clean up plugs on abs pump wiring but can't find abs pump.! also I can't find the low pressure filler point on the air-con, Auto-data shows it by the condenser on the drivers side but it ain't there,! I'm not having a lot of luck at the moment, can any-one help please.??.

In Topic: Focus Dash Light Query.

14 August 2015 - 08:23 PM

I thought the traction control warning was a wheel with TC in the middle.? anyway this light comes on when the car is stationary as well as moving slowly on tarmac so no wheel could be spinning.! I have asked ex-ford mechanics and they have not seen this before.