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In Topic: Ford May Sky Tv Promotion

19 June 2014 - 07:33 PM

No you won't get it :


"  Free Sky TV subscription offer available on selected Ford retail vehicles contracted and registered between 16th May 2014 – 31st May 2014. Offer excludes Ford Ka, Tourneo Connect and Commercial Vehicles (including Ranger). "

In Topic: Convenience Pack - Keyless Entry A Warning

11 June 2014 - 09:26 PM

Hi DunkPoole. I am curious. Got mine today, and also had the Convenience Pack as a free option, although apparently this contains in part electronic foldable mirrors which is standard on the Titanium anyway. Out of interest, what else did you get? For some reason, I thought I was getting rear parking sensors, but this is not the case (not too worried as I think they're a bit of a pest). The saleslady didn't really know what was included. On mine, there's a start/stop button, and Keyless Entry. Can't see anything else different. On the Ford website the Convenience Pack is advertised at £425 which seems a lot! I hope you're enjoying your new car. 

The Convenience pack on the Titanium is only the keyless start and entry and at £425 it is a bit pricey. I wouldn't have taken it as an option unless it was free but it is handy now I have experienced it. Other options I added were variable boot floor for £75, rear parking sensors for £200, Full size spare wheel for £100 and Active City Stop for £200. I later decided I wanted to add the Full Dress up Kit for £500 but I wasn't able to add it as it was a week before the scheduled build date. It can be added as a dealer fit option but I have had quotes ranging between £1500-£2000 so I don't think I will bother !  

In Topic: New Fiesta

07 June 2014 - 04:45 PM

I ordered 4 April and took delivery 22 May so 7 weeks for me. The estimate at time of order was upto 12 weeks. 

In Topic: Ford Ecomode

26 May 2014 - 07:20 PM

I got all the green petals on all three on the day after collecting my new Titanium  last Thursday. Whats this about a trophy ? If you get all the green petals surely you get the trophy ? I know its just a gimmick really but wonder why I haven't  ?  There is also nothing at all in the Drivers Handbook about Ecomode and how its supposed to work I only found it by going through all the menus.

In Topic: Convenience Pack - Keyless Entry A Warning

23 May 2014 - 08:01 PM

Interesting stuff, I will make sure my keys are kept out of range. I'm interested where you say the convenience pack was free on April builds, how did you find this out? My reason for asking is my dealer charged me for it and I'm sure mine was a April build/ order

 When I was looking at the the best price I could get I found this on drive the deal  http://www.drivethedeal.com/buy-a-new-car/ford/fiesta+hatchback/index.html. I mentioned this to my local dealer and he said yes the Convenience pack was now free on the Titanium from April 1 orders. I ordered from my local dealer in the end. I see you have an ST2 though ? You could have had the Style Pack for free ? 


ST models: Please note that our quotes include a FREE Style Pack (if option is fitted to the car). 
Titanium models: Please note that our quotes include a FREE Convenience Pack (if option is fitted to the car). Please request this on ordering.