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Drain Holes Bottom Of Rear Hatch Titanium 3 Door Ecoboost Door Not Punched Out.

08 September 2014 - 08:11 PM

I've noticed that the offside rear drain hole hasnt been punched out, the nearside one has, and the centre one only partly. How can something like this be missed by quality control checks at the factory, or are they all like this ? My Titanium was built on 28 April 2014. Can anyone else check theirs ?  I guess it will be a trip back to the dealer to see what they say. Without sufficient drainage then corrosion is more likely as water will be retained within the bottom of the hatch door. 

Ford May Sky Tv Promotion

18 June 2014 - 10:50 PM

Anyone who purchased their car between 16 to 31 May got their letter from Ford yet to call up Sky ? It's really annoying they have taken the URL down which had the full terms and contact number you had to call if you hadn't had your letter by this Saturday. I should have printed it off when I first loooked at it. I'm going to call the Ford Customer care line tomorrow. Its a good deal as it also covers you if you have Sky already and is worth about £450 for the year. Below is the google cached copy of the page that has now gone along with the FAQ page which had the number to call.






Automatic Headlights Too Sensitive ?

11 June 2014 - 09:51 PM

What's your experience with the auto setting ?


The last couple of mornings when leaving home just after 7am, the auto setting turns the lights on (I don't mean the DRL LED lights)  and they stay on all the way on the 20 min drive to work. It gets light after about 4.30 to 5 am at this time of year and at 7am where I am at this time of year it's been brilliant sunshine the last couple of days. The only thing is the sun is at a lower angle in the sky at 7am. Does this make a difference or is the vehicle that intelligent it knows the time of day and leaves the lights on as a precaution ?  I know I can turn the auto mode off but its just annoying all the lights are on when you are driving directly into the direction of the sun. The sensor on top of windscreen is clear of any dirt or obstruction. I have active city stop and, auto wipers so I have a full set of sensors. Shining a torch into the sensor will turn them off.  If went back to the car at 5pm drove out of the multi storey and within 5 seconds they turned off, and in my opinion it was darker then as it was cloudy!. Its just weird the way they function . I wonder if there is a sensitivity setting the dealer can adjust.   


My previous 2011 Titanium auto headlights werent as fussy and only came on when it was darker.

Convenience Pack - Keyless Entry A Warning

22 May 2014 - 10:30 PM

I collected by new Titanium Ecoboost today and when I ordered it on 4 April the Convenience pack was a free option added for April builds. Just a warning to anyone concerning the range of the key.  Be careful if you keep your key close to where you park. I park my car in the drive at the side of the house, the other side of the outside wall and always keep my keys on a hook in the hall on that outside wall. The car is parked within 3 to 4 feet of the key and the signal manages to penetrate the cavity wall and about 3 feet of air and allow me to unlock the car (although not the boot strangely) with the key on the hook indoors. I will have to get in the habit of keeping the keys elsewhere !


I had a Suzuki Swift with keyless entry and start a few years back and that had a more limited range for the key and didn't work in this same situation. I always have a habit of checking and double checking to see if my car is locked and the boot with the fiesta is a real pain with keyless as you can never be sure thats locked as the release works if the key is in range.

Car Insurance On Ford Options Pcp Or Any Finance Secured On The Vehicle - Owner &...

06 May 2014 - 12:12 AM

I will be collecting my new Titanium again on another 24 month Options Cashplan in a couple of weeks and intend to just swap vehicles with my current insurance company Tesco. Whilst looking at the website it states you or your partner must be the owner and registered keeper in the assumptions. With all Finance deals the Finance company is the legal owner until the last payment is made. I have checked out lots of insurance websites this evening and there is never an option in the owner drop down box to cover cars on Finance (which must be the majority) the nearest is Personal Lease (which is different from Options) or a Company. If you put this in on line most sites wont quote at all.


Hopefully my mind will be put at rest when I phone my insurance company to clarify tomorrow. Has everyone on finance incorrectly said they are the owner & registered keeper when they took out insurance  ?  I did mention it to Tesco when I took out my current insurance on my Fiesta in 2011 and I said the legal owner is Ford Credit for the two years i'm on Options and Tesco said but you are the owner so I'm a bit confused !


 You have to be so specific with Car Insurance these days and none of the Insurance websites I have looked at this evening have any notes or explanation of Owner definitions in relation to HP or PCP Finance.