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Ff3 Cruise Control Install.

25 February 2014 - 09:03 AM

Took delivery of my new FF3 last week and did Cruise Control at the weekend.

Already had BT ./ Sync  . 

I now have CC  and ASL     :)   ( many thanks to the guys on ffclub.ru )

To activate both i used  the UCDS software and adapter, literally a 2 minute job.....

Anyway, here goes with pictures for my case.....


Had this wheel.........

Attached File  2014-02-18 14.49.55.jpg   101.77KB   33 downloads


Bought this wheel....

Attached File  2014-02-18 10.05.30.jpg   121.19KB   28 downloads


Needed to change airbag harness and right side button from this.....

Attached File  2014-02-21 06.58.02.jpg   130.94KB   28 downloads


To this.........

Attached File  2014-02-21 07.12.23.jpg   128.62KB   32 downloads

Attached File  2014-02-21 07.12.56.jpg   110.03KB   29 downloads


Fitted wheel and activated with UCDS.....

Attached File  2014-02-21 10.55.40.jpg   82.59KB   30 downloads

Attached File  2014-02-25 09.21.42.jpg   108.92KB   28 downloads

Attached File  2014-02-25 09.21.47.jpg   101.08KB   23 downloads




Now i have ths CC buttons left stalk and phone / volume controls right.

Left OK button is now track / media / radio / Cd  control.

Right  OK  button is now trip computer  / settings control.


Right side OK button      Finis number          1687313

Airbag Wiring Loom        Finis Number         1801776



With UCDS   :    Read As Built Configuration  (  save it to file as back up !! )

                         Select     ' cruise control '  

                                        '  ASL  '

                                         ' MFD remote control buttons on steering wheel ' 


                         Write to BCM   and clear any DTC's.


Enjoy   :)


Lots more info on here         http://ffclub.ru/topic/250081/#comments   and all credit to them.


Just thought i'd share my experience and perhaps start a discussion..........