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Help Please, Dash Pod Gauge

17 April 2013 - 08:28 PM

Im hoping someone can help me out.


I recently acquired a dash pod gauge, and following Lennys guide, want to fit it to my TDCi. I want to keep the original gauges and drive them of the canbus. My problem is that there are alot more pins than I expected. I think I have worked out that all the pins I want are on the same row, and I think the order is as follows


1. Can H (?)

2. Can L (?)

3. Think Power + (maybe dial illumination)

4. GND

5. Power + (IGN)

6. Power + (Perm)


On the other row appear to be at least two pairs of DATA lines and another GND.


I have applied power to 4 and 6, then jumped 6 and 5. This cause the gauge to zero, pulling about 90ma dropping to about 35ma a few seconds later.


I know the middle boost gauge only reads to 1.2 bar, and on a diesel you will need 2 bar for full boost, but the gauge actual has a sweep of about 345 deg (almost one complete cirlce. So if I just offset the needle to be horizontal pointing to the right, then two bar would be approximately horizontal to the left. Anyhow, getting into irrelevant detail until I can work out for definate which pins to use. So on with my plea for help:


Can any body offer a wiring diagram, take a picture of the actual plug (fitted in RS and ST I believe), or attempt to decode the colours and location of the attached picture (You wouldn't believe how long it took me to find this!)



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Retro Fit Washer Level Sensor

03 April 2013 - 07:43 PM

When I first tried the ELMconfig utility, see guides, I turned on the low washer level warning, which I then quickly turned off as it always chimed I had low level. Oviously sensopr was not fitted.


The main reason I want this facility is because it is most annoying when you get a dribble and it only smears and makes the windscreen even more opaque. The fact that it is illegal to drive with an empty washer bottle, well there's another good reason.


As we all know the level of the bottle cannot be seen without removing offside wheel and wheel arch liner. Now I don't mind doing this once a week....oh no wait, I mean how stupid that the level cannot be determined without stripping the car.


So I thought it cant be that difficult to retro fit so off to ebay I went.


I purchased an secondhand vauxhall omega level sensor, main reason being that it came with the rubber grommet attached. Less than a fiver delivered. It was waiting for me when I came home for lunch, so I stuck my multimeter on it and found it had a resistance of approximately 200ohms when closed and infinite when open, so seemed ok to me (though I must admit I assumed it woould read closer to 0Ohms when closed).


I miced the grommet at its thinest poit and found it to have a diameter of 19.86 mm. So i took an old mop bucket (flat sides) and drilled an 18mm hole. I pushed the grommet in and then the sensor into the grommet. Perfect fit. Went back to work.


Left work just after 4 and stripped out the water bottle. I was slightly disappointed to find no plug for a sensor, but did note that the connector feeding the washer pump had an additional 4 wires in it, and noted two of these to be both Orange/black, which to me implies they should be connected by perhaps the level sensor! So off i went.


1. The inside arch of the washer bottle had a nice flat, with a circle marked on it. I used this as my template to drill and proceeded to make an 18mm hole (with a step drill).


2. The rubber grommet has a flat on it, which lined up exaclty with the flat on the washer bottle.


3. I then extended the wires from the sensor, and cut the orange black wires going to the socket and joined the two pairs together with bullet connectors.


4. Used ELMConfig and turned the warning back on, but could not get it to trip the warning with a completely empty or full bottle. So put it all back together and shall have a play at the weekend.


Update (couple of hours later):

It is now working, with no other changes see post 5 and 6