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08 October 2014 - 06:10 PM

Hi all :)


wow havnt been here forever.

So sadly i have bad news... the project has come to a end... a complete end :(

Had some small things to tend too to finally make the project complete but a friend needed a car and i sold it to him at a good price as he sold me my first car at a good price. so i returned the favor.

he was very proud of owning the car as he knew how far it has come and all the hard work put into it and we were still going to finish off the small things.

Sadly there were in an accident and the car took a beating in front from a side impact on the nose. lucky no one got hurt.

i have added the pictures from when we fetched it from the holding grounds :(


















Poor car :(


it doesnt look like much so i decided to start taking panels and parts off in the front. saw that the arms were bent as well as a broken starter (it fell out in pieces) the engine was pushed back against the firewall. but where everything was shifted too it still rolled freely on the wheels, had breaks, lights and car sound worked. just never started the motor to see if it could drive.

but for me work was getting to much and didnt have time to bring her back to life again. so sadly the car was sold as is :(

It was a great project and wish i could have seen it to the end :) it taught me alot :) also what to look for when buying a new car wether it is brand new or 2nd hand or even accident damaged and repaired really well.


Thank you all for the support!  :) 


In memory of my project :D



In Topic: Ford Fiesta Mk6 Project

13 November 2013 - 04:11 PM

Hey guys. wow been long since i was here :D

but before i start..  here are some up to date pics of the car completed and on the road :D












ok took those just now :) so they are recent.

still havnt hud luck with the airbag covers yet so iv given up on them.bought an aftermarket steering wheel for the drivers side and i just need to neaten up the passanger airbag cover. it is missing for now as iv had friends try find a weird rattling noise from under the dash. had no luck yet and its the last rattle i need to get rid of. i have sorted the scraping noise. took it to a new mechanic and he said they tightened the shocks and the bottom plate that mounts under the car. said some bolts were loose. and he tightened the drive shafts. cant believe the last guy loosened stuff and still told be he heard nothing. well the noise is gone. it was that scraping noise when accelerating. i also got some mags from the new fiesta. sadly one is bent and 2 are black and 2 are silver but they beat the old bent mags. also got speakers from the doors. yay car sound!!! i was singing along to rattles :P


things still left which im getting too slowly :D


the power steering bottle started leaking. my make shift planlooks like it has failed. lol there is power steering fluid all over the engine bay and all over the garage floor.

need to connect the spot lights in the bumper

need to find out why the doors light on the consol stays on when doors are closed(it keeps the light in the car on)

need to sort out the petrol leaking out the tank.

hmmm i think that was it so far..


oh still need to do the aircon in the car. found a guy who can do the pipes for cheap but i got to get in there and get them out.dam gonna be a hard job


but so far im happy with the ride. wow its been a long project :P