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#147863 Accident Damaged Ford

Posted by Exferes on 10 October 2011 - 06:04 PM

Hi all and thanks for looking at my post
i bought a ford a while back from a salvage dealer. the car did not look all that bad with only front of car work to be done.
i kind of took it too a backyard mechanic and he kind of ruined my fiesta :(
I have built up the motivation to try and get this baby up and running as i really like the fiesta's. i have only one problem... the car has been stripped in the front and dash and i really have no idea what is missing or what goes where. i spent the past weekend puzzling the parts together (found loads of broken bits) and i am still lost to what is needed. i have asked surrounding mechanics for their input but they say i must sell it as is to a scrap yard, but i really really do not want too as i know there is hope. i have posted some pics of the car and would like to know if anyone could help in letting me know if i could get hold of a diagram of the dashboard setup or assembly or if anyone could assist in telling me all the parts that go with the dash board. any help would be greatly appreciated :) (i am a south african citizen if that helps)

this is how i got it back :(
i did lay out what i found inside car but alot still seems missing

thanks again for all future help :)

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