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Focus Mk 1 Water Leak Into Boot Area, With Pics

15 January 2012 - 07:57 PM

My 2002 Focus hatch has developed a water leak on the rear drivers side. After lots of messing about removing the light and sealing with silicone I started messing about with a watering can. When I pour water with the hatch open near the right side of the car along where the bumper meets rear panel. See picture with arrow below:

Posted Image

It leaks in a small amount inside the hatch in this area, see arrow:

Posted Image

There is a bit of a build up of crap where the bumper meets the rear panel so I have a bad feeling that it maybe has a hole in it, although there is little rust on the rest of the car. I just wondered before I remove the bumper are there any grommets under it in the vicinity of the leak. If not I may just bite the bullet and take it somewhere to get welded as it is probably a hole. Thanks for any help. Posted Image