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Low Fuel Light Staying On

06 August 2015 - 09:32 PM

I was running low on diesel in my 2007 Mondeo 2l TDCi today.  I filled it with 60 or so litres but the low fuel light is staying on.


I've stopped & started a few times since, but the light remains on & the computer shows 0 miles until I run out, but I have a full tank.  The fuel  gauge shows full too.


Can anyone suggest how I reset the light & computer please?





Windows Keep Opening

20 January 2015 - 01:32 PM

Every so often, the windows on my 2006 2.0 TDCI Mondeo Estate come down in the night.  Apart from it being a security risk, it could be raining overnight.


I'm certain I'm not accidentally pressing the key & there are no water leaks into the carpet perhaps causing an ECU short.


Does anyone have any ideas about what's causing it?  Failing that, is it possible to disable the auto down windows feature as I never need it?

2.0 Tdci "surging" At Light Throttle

14 August 2014 - 12:19 PM

My diesel Mondeo has just clocked up 140,000 trouble free miles.

Yesterday though, on a 300 mile journey, I noticed a problem I'd describe as surging.

On very light throttle, the power seems to come & go slightly.  Sometimes it's bad enough for the rev counter to show a drop in revs too.

I've had this problem before & have posted a thread asking for advice but nothing useful was suggested.  The intercooler hose isn't split.

Last week I had a "fuel service" including adding an additive to the fuel.  I also had the fuel filter changed.


Power seems slightly down but i could be wrong here.  MPG is 48-50 on a long run so it can't be that bad.

I've tried revving to max with a warm engine which kicked out some smoke but didn't solve the sensation I'm getting.


Could this be a problem with an injector?  At 140k miles, is this to be expected?


Any advice gratefully received.



I've just been out & noticed lots of black smoke from the exhaust, most of the time (I must clean my back window!)  Also noticeably down on power.

Will more fuel additive or an expensive diesel tankful help?  Can I thrash it better?

Halfords who did the fuel service did a "before & after" emissions check but didn't give me the printouts as they usually do.  Is this likely to be relevant?