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Yesterday, 06:56 PM


Car has had RS spoiler fitted and side skirts ! Did have a pair of silver side skirts but they are 3 door so if anyone knows anyone they can have them for very cheap!! Also 2009 boot added so the car now has a mk2.5 st face lift , car is going in to be sprayed on the 7th! New exhaust is going on this Friday and ordered a while complete custom vinyl wrap today!!! Will be going on later in the month!!! As far as I can see no other focus in the world in this colour!!! Keep watching this space!!!!

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You have proper pic of the side of the car wants see how side skirts look as I didn't put it on my car 

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28 June 2014 - 09:49 PM

Heard head gasket is common problem electric plays up and the suspension is very expensive if needed replace ing but it might be just on the earlier models also every car has fault.just have look at reviews on Google see what you find.

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28 June 2014 - 08:12 PM

A lot of bad thing I heard about freelander a lot of things go wrong so if you do want one just make sure you do your search first.good luck mate.

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28 June 2014 - 07:44 PM

been away from the forums for a while due to work and family commitments and a hell of a lot of stress


because of this i've had no mod progress to post for a while due to not having time to mod. plus my photobucket keeps reaching its bandwidth allowance so my build thread is currently down


recently i have managed to carry out a couple of modifications


the first one was replacing the standard 12v power socket in my dash storage compartment for atwin usb socket. tis so much better for me sat nav as some reason before there was a very bad connection and sat nav would not charge. now it works beautifully.


attachicon.gif2014-02-27 16.45.26.jpg


an added and surprise bonus was that it already had a built in blue led. spot on


attachicon.gif2014-02-27 20.26.13.jpg


the next mod was wiring in the illuminated gear knob (thanks to clive). it does go really well with my submarine lighting at night


attachicon.gif2014-06-26 22.09.26.jpg


attachicon.gif2014-06-26 22.09.32.jpg


and the last mod i've done for now as my early xmas present from moynul


the blad led tail lights


attachicon.gif2014-06-26 22.11.31.jpg


attachicon.gif2014-06-26 19.20.28.jpg


attachicon.gif2014-06-26 19.23.08.jpg


attachicon.gif2014-06-26 19.21.48.jpg


they look proper sweet and bright at night


side lights


attachicon.gif2014-06-26 22.06.29.jpg


attachicon.gif2014-06-26 22.06.46.jpg


brake lights


attachicon.gif2014-06-26 22.07.48.jpg


attachicon.gif2014-06-26 22.08.14.jpg


brake lights + hazzards


attachicon.gif2014-06-26 22.08.37.jpg


comments welcome

Looking good mate good to hear you like the lights looking at your car I'm missing mines.

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20 June 2014 - 08:11 PM

Just picked up my merc what over the moon getting it tinted when get enough money and subtle mods might be on the way