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Fuse Box

10 August 2015 - 11:52 AM

Good afternoon

I have recently fitted a driving camera to my fiesta style plus and have hard wired it in to my fuse box. The continuous power wire is connected to the cigarette power socket fuse being 20 amp which is of cause supplying continuous power used for parking surveillance and the wire which enables to camera to power up with the ignition is connected to the the windscreen wipers. Got in my car yesterday and the camera wasn't coming on. I later discovered that the cigarette power fuse (with the continuous power wire connected to it for the camera) has blown. I found out by checking if the sat nav would charge and it never.

My question is can I use a fuse socket that is not in use for the continuous power wire for my camera. I have bought a box of fuses with different volts to attempt this.

Can it be done?