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Chemical Cleaning For Turbo Kits

09 January 2012 - 10:05 AM

I've replaced most of the components on my Focus 1.6 TDci 2005 now (dpf,egr,air filter,fuel filter, eolys oil, oil feeder pipe, oil pickup pipe and turbo) and my new turbo has now started whistling as well as giving me a fun intermittent boost leaving me bouncing along the motorway like a kangaroo - which to me is a good indication it's on it's way out again, after only 4 weeks - since I've spent around 1600 on car parts and had many stress filled weekends fixing this heap - there is no way I'm paying for another turbo

It'll definitely be because of carbon contamination and after a quick search I've found this chemical cleaning kit


has anyone had any previous experience with these kits? I've read on a VW TDi forum that you can use an oven cleaner for similar effects but I wouldn't feel great putting Mr Muscle in my turbo if I'm honest


Fuel Filter, Turbo, Dpf ,egr Replaced Oil Covering Left Side Of Engine

19 December 2011 - 10:00 PM

Some of you may have seen me in other threads so ill give you the short story

Replaced the dpf, egr, oil pick up pipe, oil feeder pipe, turbo because of dpf failure, am about to replace fuel filter due to bunny hopping when putting pressure on the engine.

Checked my oil level tonight and noticed there is oil covering the whole left side of the engine bay...literally covering. The alternator is dripping with oil the fan belt is soaked, and throwing oil everywhere making it hard to pinpoint where the leak is from, the axle is also covered so its got to be spraying from somewhere.

Just hoping someone can offer some kind of advice, I've checked the gasket on the turbo, and all the turbo side of things looks fine, I think it could possibly be something by the radiator, the oil cooler maybe?

Never buying a ford again after this, so dissapointed

And skint

Another Problem - Bunny Hopping, No Burning Smell?

16 December 2011 - 09:06 AM

My ford focus 2005 tdci manual 123000 mil has started to bunny hop - only when I push it to high speeds (about 70mph) I feel a loss of power then it starts jumping like I'm pressing the accellerator on and off quickly in all gears until I restart the engine - I'm thinking it could be the flywheel or clutch, but there is no audible sound or burning smell?

Dpf, Egr, And Turbo Replaced, Still Power Loss?

13 December 2011 - 10:41 AM

Hi, I recently had the pleasurable experience of my DPF becoming blocked due to a broken intercooler pipe not allowing the car to regenerate - which in turn pushed carbon in a rather un-polite way all the way around the engine

- being as I'd only had the car 2 weeks I thought I'd fix it myself, so I replaced the DPF - with the intercooler pipe and Eoyls fluid only to find that the EGR had become stuck in an open position - so I replaced this hoping that it would resolve the power loss I had been experiencing, without much avail - the turbo was whistling so I thought this could be the only thing left and would probably be on its way out if gunked up with carbon anyway - so over a VERY long weekend I replaced the turbo, pick up pipe, oil feeder pipe and cleaned the sump - I tested the oil flow through the turbo, everything was dandy so I was happy to use it to and from work again.(turbo was whistling due to a chipped impeller blade and was black like tarmac)

The car is driving - but the engine is revving fairly high and feels pretty choked up - I'm looking at 2,000 rpm in 4th gear for 40mph and 3,000 rpm in 5th gear for 70 - obviously not natural

Basically I'm looking at what else could be causing this - if I can I'd like to avoid taking the head off of the engine and trying to clear it out - or getting the engine flushed as I've already spent around 1000 fixing my donkey already and am in enough debt as it is!

Cheers for any advice

Fitted New Dpf Myself, What Now?

05 November 2011 - 09:03 PM

Hi, I have a 1.6 TDCi focus 05 - it had never had a DPF replacement and has done 123000 miles so I brought one off of ebay and fitted it today

However the DPF came with a warning that if I didnt follow the manufacturers ECU steps then the new DPF could be rendered useless within 30 miles as it will not regenerate, does this mean that I need to take it to a ford dealers and get them to reset the ECU? the Engine management light came on on Thursday but hasn't gone out yet?

Will it go out automatically? If I can just run the car without it being damaged I dont really care about the light I have no intention of selling it

I did the self diag trick found on these forums - the error code was Er0608, dt8510