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In Topic: Ford Warranty... Sigh

15 February 2013 - 05:42 PM

My car is a 2011 fiesta, the petrol cap jams and sticks making it difficult to open it and difficult to close and also my steering wheel is starting to peel and has been rubbed almost smooth/shiney.

Ford said.. as the car is over a year old now it isn't covered even though the car has only covered 9000 miles.. It's a joke really, both components are going to be used heavily during the life span of the car yet both have issues and fords stance is 'Your not covered'.

I've spoke to CRC but all they hint at is they 'may' make a 'good will' gesture towards it but they will not guarantee anything.

All they say is.. well the mechanical/electrical components are covered for 3 years.. never mind if the entire shell of the car around it rattles, bangs, clunks, falls apart.... (as an example of course).

Thanks Ford.

In law all goods must be fit for purpose and 1 year on a multi thousand pound car is not fit for purpose send them an e mail telling them your going to take them to court because the items are not fit for the use they have been manufactured, do Ford expect a new steering wheel to be fitted every year?
You will almost certainly get it replaced or if not take them to the small claims court it's cheap and you will win, I have done it many times for similar things I even won on a caravan that was 6 years old as the judge said it should last longer then 6 years.
Do not back down.